A major part of properly branding your instagram is creating share-worthy quote posts that align with the ethos of your business. Below, I designed a handful of quote posts for the launch of the CBD brand, Smile. 

smile_quoteposts_Scroll Less.jpg
smile_quoteposts_We make a living.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Start Each Day.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Under your nose.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Reason to Smile 2.jpg
smile_quoteposts_One Smile at a Time.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Act of Kindness 1.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Act of Kindness2.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Free Therapy.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Did you know- 2.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Did you know- 1.jpg
smile_quoteposts_Did you know- 3.jpg